Monday, November 14, 2016

Created For This

I am in college again. This time it is in a master's program. I also am passing both classes with very hard-earned A's. NEVER would I have imagined that this would be my reality and yet, as it is perfectly planned I am both exhausted and hard as I tried to fight it. I know the truth is: I was created for this.

This husband.
This family.
This classroom.
This college.
This life.

I am just beginning to understand beauty from ashes. 

The ache of my heart for students to be supported,respected and given tools to become more independent. The way that previously confusing curriculum and concepts for SPED are becoming second nature to me.  I yield M-F to a calling that I do not understand,that is both incredibly challenging and exhausting to come home and be a better wife and mother than ever before.

God, I am beginning to understand I was created for this.

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